Cyber security awareness

Navigate the great risks and rewards of the digital world

Infosequre equips you with the best tools to build resilience together with your employees.

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Security awareness

Sustained behavioral change, over and over again

We believe in changing behavior the right way: not a one-time deal, but a continuous process, with a palpable and constant result.


Specific and reliable metrics give you the whole picture

We want to empower you to make the right decisions. This is why our measuring tools play such a big role in our approach by giving you a good overview of your employees’ performance.


Let us take care of everything while you relax

We can customize everything for you, roll out your program, crunch the numbers and deliver the results back to you.

Empower your employees to protect your company with behavior-changing awareness programs

Simple and straightforward
Increase your resilience
Cut down on costs
Security awareness training
Fun & engaging

What can you accomplish with Infosequre?

Trigger your people’s core drives and put them at the front line of the fight against cyber threats.

Measure Measure

Break down your security culture into simple facts and figures

Use our measuring instruments to stay in the loop and make informed decisions that push your organization ahead.

Edmond Verstraete

Infosequre’s training program has helped increase vigilance, which has in turn raised awareness.

Edmond Verstraete
Director of accounting, reporting & control - Boskalis
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