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Security awareness

Security awareness matters. Here’s why.

More than 70% of security incidents are caused by human actions. Make your employees a strong first line of defense.

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Empower your employees with complete security awareness training

Our immersive security awareness e-learning modules are the main tool in building a strong and lasting security culture. Chock-full of easily absorbed information and developed using the best awareness techniques, they make your employees aware, alert and informed. Our highly customizable phishing simulation can be added to your program for complete training, or used on its own as a way to test and train your team in real-time.

Edmond Verstreate
Director of accounting, reporting & control - Boskalis

“We have noticed that our colleagues are more alert and more and more likely to report suspicious e-mails. ”

VR game

Activate your employees with the power of play

Take your security awareness training to the next level with our game-based learning experiences specifically designed to complement e-learning and cement security awareness in the minds and behavior of your people. Play our VR game or escape our truck before the bang.


of security incidents are caused by human actions

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Break down your security culture into simple facts and figures

A real custom security awareness program is based on precise measurements that give you the edge you need. Stay in the loop and gain powerful insights into your company's progress. Our measuring tools let you make the right decisions and take the right steps on the journey to a strong security culture.