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Infosequre builds up your security awareness culture and turns your employees into the first line of defense against cyber risks.


Truly fond of security awareness

We live in a time where the amount of data is exponentially increasing, where organizations are utilizing more and more technology, and where everything and everyone is connected to the internet.

Our passion drives us. Our experience recommends us.

Today’s digital landscape is full of risks, rewards and everything in between. This will always be the case.

Infosequre has been at the forefront of interactive e-learning programs for the past 20 years. This is exactly the kind of experience we bring to the table when we say we don’t only want to help you recognize the risks, but also show you how to handle them. 

With the help of our extensive collection of online learning solutions and game-based training, we help your organization build a strong security culture. 

It is our drive to make your people the best defense in the fight against cyber threats.

Your culture, your needs, our pleasure.

At Infosequre, you always get that personal touch that makes the difference between just another security awareness training and a solution that’s really made to suit you. 

From the customized programs down to your cup of coffee.

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Wilbert Pijnenburg

What we pride ourselves most on, besides our interactive e-learning programs and gamification techniques, are our efforts to engage and connect with employees in a different way; to inspire, motivate, and achieve behavioral change.

Wilbert Pijnenburg
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Our certifications en accreditations

Infosequre has the ambition to continuously develop and improve. That is why we are certified for various quality systems and registers. With our certifications and accreditations we provide innovative awareness programs with impact.

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