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Security awareness escape room
Security awareness escape room

Race against the clock to gain security awareness and escape before the bang

Engage your employees in our playful security awareness escape room that builds teamwork and activates them through an unforgettable experience.

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Security awareness escape room

Kickstart your security awareness program

Our escape room gives your employees an active role in the battle against cyber threats and stirs their curiosity making them more receptive to the topic.

Security awareness escape room

Information security: the talk of the office

The security awareness escape room will keep your employees talking long after their escape. There will be more chatter about information security in the office than ever.

Security awareness escape room

Taking security awareness training and putting it on wheels

The security awareness escape room is easily moved and placed on location and can accommodate up to 8 players per game. That’s up to 80 players a day!

Security awareness escape room

Eight players walk into an escape room. Tick tock.

The security awareness escape room locks 8 players in with a bomb. It’s up to them to crack the code and stop cyber criminals attacking their company before the 30-minute timer runs out and malware infects everything.

For an extra touch, a security awareness specialist will be there to walk the players through the new-found knowledge at the end of the game.

Bojan Marcus
Bojan Marcus
Art director Infosequre

We believe in the power of play when it comes to activating people. When doing things in a playful way, we have an active attitude and learn faster. 

Security awareness escape room

From the truck straight to the office

Escaping our truck is not only fun, but highly applicable to your work environment. The post-game conversation with our expert will reveal all the parallels between our security awareness escape room and a normal day at your desk. This not only cements the knowledge you just earned inside the truck, but empowers you to make informed choices for any follow-up training.

Your security culture is a top concern for us.

We've solved amazing challenges for our customers. Let us share our hard learned lessons, valuable advice and a few tips and tricks.

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Make your awareness program complete with our other tools

Measure Measure

Break down your security culture into simple facts and figures

Use our measuring instruments to stay in the loop and make informed decisions that push your organization ahead.

Programs made for you. Off-the-shelf or tailor-made.

We hand-picked products and neatly bundled them up into packages with your needs in mind. Choose a pre-made plan or a fully customized experience.


A great way to kickstart your journey to security awareness and sustained behavioral change.

Request essentials
  • Pre-test & post-test assessment.
  •  1-year training plan including 1 industry- and role-specific introduction program, 1 in-depth program, 1 microlearning and 1 awareness video.
  • Content available in English and Dutch.
  • Access to statistics dashboard.
  • Monthly user reports.
  • Courses are run on our online learning platform.
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The full-option, customized experience. Our advanced program fills in all gaps and irons out all kinks.

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Everything in Essentials +
  • Unlimited access to all (30+) training courses.
  • Any additional language available upon request.
  • Content in company look & feel.
  • Dedicated project manager including kick-off meeting and tailored project plan.
  • Run courses on your own learning platform or on ours.
  • Deployment and execution of program by your own platform-administrator or by ours.
  • Multi-year discount.
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Choose our ultimate option to have our specialists size you up and build your own custom program. The definition of tailor-made.

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Everything in Advanced +
  • Customizable content: workplace specific scenarios and custom graphics and videos.
  • Your choice of gamification: VR game, escape room and VR experience truck.
  • Phishing simulation tool.
  • Cybersecurity culture scan.
  • Ability to upload your own content.
  • Ability to build your own e-learning programs.
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Find a program that suits your needs

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Security awareness escape room

Have an idea of where to park our truck?

Let’s have a chat about how our security awareness escape room would fit your needs. We’re here to help!

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