Phishing game
Phishing game

Break the habit of risky clicking with the phishing game

By playing the unforgettable phishing game, your employees will be kept on their toes in a playful way. It's the best way to change risky behavior. Are they skilled enough to protect their organisation?

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Phishing game

Thrilling game

In the phishing game, an AI bot is targeting your employees. It's up to them to defeat the bot by recognizing untrustworthy senders and links. Beware: the clock is ticking! Like an overflowing inbox, your employees will be under pressure to act quickly. Will your employees beat the bot?

Phishing game

Retrain the brain

The game brings knowledge and behavioral change together. With scenarios that are based on real phishing emails. Your employees will train their skills by recognizing as many suspicious emails as quickly as possible. This is a fun way to break the habit of mindlessly clicking on emails and links.

Phishing game

Better protected

The phishing game is easy to follow. Within 10 minutes, your employees will know exactly what to look for when checking suspicious senders and links. This way your organization is better prepared for a real attack.

Phishing training

Get the most out of your phishing training

Combine the phishing game with our phishing training and test for the best results.

Your employees start with the interactive, gamified e-learning 'The flip side of phishing'. In this training, your employees step into the shoes of a phisher. All necessary subjects are covered: phishing via email, sms and social media, what information cybercriminals can find on the internet and use in their attacks, the signs of phishing, and what to do when you think you’ve received a phishingmail.

Your employees will then practice by checking suspicious links and senders.

Spread a short awareness video to reinforce gained knowledge and skills.

And finally, test and measure how alert your employees are in everyday work by confronting them with a phishing test.


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By knowing the ins and out about today’s digital risks you’ll be on the front line of your organization against cyber threats.

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Phishing game

Want to build a strong safety culture?

By training skills you'll be able to protect your organization against a real phishing attack. Want to know more?

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