How to raise security awareness to over 6.000 employees all over the world

The Boskalis challenge and its solution

Security awareness

Infosequre security awareness training helps raise awareness at Boskalis

Every organization runs security risks and a seemingly minor mistake can lead to major problems. Edmond Verstraete knows this, too. He is the director of accounting, reporting & control at Boskalis, the dredging company, offshore contractor, and maritime services provider employing more than 6,000 people worldwide. “A couple of years ago, the particular risks we faced were from phishing e-mails,” says Edmond. “It was high time we made our colleagues aware of this issue.”

Independent of time and location

“We wanted to help employees become more aware of potential cyber threats. Besides informing colleagues through our own communication channels, we chose to train them using a system of e-learning,” says Edmond.

“This form of training enables learning that does not depend on time or location. It clearly provides added value to a company like ours with employees all over the world, and is the reason why we decided to get in touch with Infosequre. Infosequre offers a comprehensive security awareness e-learning program that covers multiple cyber security topics.”

Attractive timeframe

“The program we were looking for needed to work with existing material. However, we wanted the ability to make certain adjustments where desired,” continues Edmond. “We also needed to be able to offer the modules in several languages. Infosequre offers all of these features.”

What’s more, the program could be produced within an attractive timeframe. “Obviously, it would have been great to have a fully customized security awareness program developed, but we didn’t have the time. Fortunately, Infosequre can quickly deliver virtually ready-made modules.”

Security awareness

Modular construction

Philip Hoekman, internal control manager at Boskalis, adds: “Of course, running the Infosequre phishing program also takes time, as is customary with new systems. However, in this case it is doable, and as it is constructed in modules, we can easily decide who needs to complete which particular one. We look at each department and select who should follow which parts of the e-learning course according to the potential risks they are exposed to.

Philip explains: “You can imagine that the consequences for our company would be the most serious if a cyber security problem were to arise in the finance, HR, procurement or IT departments. The staff members in these departments were therefore the first to be introduced to Infosequre’s security awareness training programs. Worldwide, they number around 700.

“Without any doubt, Infosequre’s training program has helped increase vigilance, which has in turn raised awareness.”

Prepared for dangerous situations

“By attending the training program, these colleagues are learning and building experience in how to recognize unsafe situations and how to deal with them,” explains Philip. “Now, for example, if they receive an e-mail from a supplier asking them to amend their records and transfer money into a new bank account, they will know how to verify whether the supplier has really switched bank accounts.”

Edmond adds: “We always had rules like this, but Infosequre’s training programs increase awareness. They use entertaining ways of introducing you to subjects that you were already vaguely aware of, but you never used to appreciate how crucial they were. This awareness raising is extremely important.”

A phased approach

Another aspect that Boskalis considers important is that the training program can be implemented in various phases. “We talked to Infosequre and decided that rather than making all of the training courses available at once, they would be ‘sliced up,” explains Philip. “After all, we don’t want our employees to be inundated with information. Now, they are invited to take part in a new module each week.”

Increased alertness

Edmond finishes: “We have noticed that our colleagues are more alert and more and more likely to report suspicious e-mails. Without any doubt, Infosequre’s training program has helped increase vigilance, which has in turn raised awareness.”

This year, Boskalis will continue to roll out its security awareness training programs, and employees from other disciplines will be introduced to them, too. A total of 6,000 employees will be taking Infosequre's e-learning course.



Security awareness e-learning
The solution for companies that want to raise security awareness

Security awareness e-learning

Hands-down, the best way to raise awareness and fight cyber risks is by following a powerful security awareness e-learning course.

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