security awareness training
Security awareness training

Discover our security awareness training packages

Are you a small organization and do you want to manage your security awareness program yourself? Then choose the essentials package. Would you rather be unburdened with the implementation and rollout of your security awareness training? Then go for the advanced package.

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Our security awareness training packages

Essentials and advanced are both available as 1, 2 and 3 year licenses. The price depends on the number of users and the service you want. We are happy to help you make a choice.


With essentials you do everything yourself: entering users, the rollout of your program and making reports. Essentials is suitable for companies up to 250 employees.

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  • Self-service platform.
  • 50+ cybersecurity modules.
  • Fixed annual program.
  • Bilingual program with a choice of: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

  • Access to reporting tool.

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Advanced is suitable for any organization size. You receive guidance at the start of your program and advice during the rollout. And you always have access to support.

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  • Self-service platform or your own LMS.
  • 50+ cybersecurity modules with continuous updates.

  • Flexible program: continuously adaptable based on changing wishes and new developments.

  • Multilingual program with 6 languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Additional languages ​​on request.

  • Access to reporting tool and automatic user reports.

  • Permanent contact person.
  • Implementation service.
  • Branding (logo and design) of the learning platform.
  • Custom content.
  • Support.
  • Discount available for 2 and 3 year licenses.

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Choose the awareness program that suits your organization

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Complete your program with our add-ons

Measure Measuring instruments

Break down your security culture into simple facts and figures

Use our measuring instruments to stay in the loop and make informed decisions that push your organization ahead.

Our approach. Why should you care?

Our experts designed the perfect security awareness training cycle to make sure your employees are engaged and their knowledge is secured. A simple 4-step cycle complemented by constant engagement and measuring tools.

Security awareness training


You start your security awareness training with a measurement. This gives us and you a better idea of your employees’ knowledge and lets us tailor the program precisely to your needs. This is followed by the introduction program, our flagship module chock-full of the most important topics and information to kickstart your path to security awareness.



The deepening phase takes you to the next level. Our in-depth e-learnings are hand-picked specifically for your day-to-day situations and home in on the most actual and relevant risks to your organization. 



Our experience has taught us that sustained behavior change is achieved with continuous training. Our micro-learnings and security flashes are bite-sized modules meant to keep your knowledge base fresh and your attention sharp.



The campaign is evaluated on the basis of many factors, such as employee feedback, measurements and reported incidents. This gives you a good idea of the standing of your employees and organization and lets you plan, change and adapt the campaign according to your specific needs.


The road to sustained behavioral change and a lasting security culture is paved with engagement and motivation. This is why, throughout the whole duration of the cycle, we employ a large array of reinforcement tools and techniques meant to keep your employees focused and improve their knowledge retention.


The cycle is consistently monitored throughout using our in-house developed measuring tools. This gives a good overview of the results of your employees and organization as a whole, enabling you to make informed decisions concerning your specific requirements.

Security awareness training

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