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phishing simulation
Phishing simulation

Reel in your employees with a valuable training exercise

Our phishing simulation confronts your employees with realistic phishing emails and text messages, monitors their response and trains their behavior.

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Phishing simulation

Easy, flexible and abundant choices

Our premade scenarios, as well as your own creations, will reach anyone using any device, and can be translated into English, Dutch or any other language you may need. This is valid for both smishing and phishing simulation.

Phishing simulation

The safe way to test for risk

Our large collection of relevant scenarios based on highly realistic emails can achieve a SpamAssassin score of up to 100%. Each client uses its own dedicated server, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to access your information.

Phishing simulation

Crystal clear feedback and no loose ends

All employees who “fail” the phishing simulation receive direct, targeted feedback in the form of a landing page, making for a valuable teaching moment. Customize the landing page to your own look-and-feel, or add personalized information to really drive the point home.

Phishing simulation

Take control of the phishing pole or let us cast the line for you

Our phishing simulation is available as a SaaS solution, a hands-on approach that puts you in control of every aspect of the process, from creating and tweaking to deploying the scenarios. Or choose a managed service where an Infosequre specialist will handle everything for you hassle-free, and provide you with an end report.

Anouk Vermeeren
Anouk Vermeeren
Senior learning consultant Infosequre

With regular phishing tests, we see a significant decrease in the number of clicks. It makes employees much more resilient.

Phishing simulation

Precise and valuable measurements

Whether self-managed or otherwise, you will have access to a clear breakdown of our measurements in real-time or in the form of an end report respectively. This will tell you who clicked on the link, downloaded the images, inputted information, as well as their individual details. 

Take the next steps in confidence, having all the data necessary to make an informed decision.

Your security culture is a top concern for us

We've solved amazing challenges for our customers. Let us share our hard learned lessons, valuable advice and a few tips and tricks.

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Make your awareness program complete with our other tools

Train Train

Train your team against the risks of today’s digital world

Infosequre offers highly customizable security awareness training solutions that fit all your company’s requirements.

Measure Measure

Increase awareness of cyber threats.

Use our measuring instruments to stay in the loop and make informed decisions that push your organization ahead.

Programs made for you. Off-the-shelf or tailor-made.

We hand-picked products and neatly bundled them up into packages with your needs in mind. Choose a pre-made plan or a fully customized experience.


A great way to kickstart your journey to security awareness and sustained behavioral change.

Request essentials
  • Pre-test & post-test assessment.
  •  1-year training plan including 1 industry- and role-specific introduction program, 1 in-depth program, 1 microlearning and 1 awareness video.
  • Content available in English and Dutch.
  • Access to statistics dashboard.
  • Monthly user reports.
  • Courses are run on our online learning platform.

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The full-option, customized experience. Our advanced program fills in all gaps and irons out all kinks.

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Everything in Essentials +
  • Unlimited access to all (30+) training courses.
  • Any additional language available upon request.
  • Content in company look & feel.
  • Dedicated project manager including kick-off meeting and tailored project plan.
  • Run courses on your own learning platform or on ours.
  • Deployment and execution of program by your own platform-administrator or by ours.
  • Multi-year discount.
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Choose our ultimate option to have our specialists size you up and build your own custom program. The definition of tailor-made.

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Everything in Advanced + your choice of add-ons
  • Customizable content: workplace specific scenarios and custom graphics and videos.
  • Your choice of gamification: VR game, escape room and VR experience truck.
  • Phishing simulation tool.
  • Cybersecurity culture scan.
  • Ability to upload your own content.
  • Ability to build your own e-learning programs.
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Find a program that suits your needs

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Phishing simulation

Ready to cast the line?

Have a chat with one of our specialists to learn how our phishing simulation can fit your needs.

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