Security awareness VR
Security awareness game

Turn awareness training into an engaging 360º experience

Our security awareness VR escape room presents a new, game-based learning experience that motivates your employees and cements their knowledge through play. Put on your VR glasses and step into a futuristic server room to enjoy a visual spectacle. Complete entertaining cyber assignments to make your escape.

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Security awareness game

Full-service VR game or VR app

Our VR game is available as a fully catered experience. You choose the location and we take care of everything from the introduction of the game to the conversation post playing. If you would rather have full control, the VR app is the best choice for you.

VR escaperoom

Security awareness game suitable for small or large groups

With the included VR glasses, the game is easy to use for small (50+) and big (500+) groups alike. Choose the cardboard for a scalable solution or go for an exceptional VR experience with the all-in-one Pico VR glasses.

Security awareness game

Active user role ensures sustainable behavior change

During the game, the user and his intrinsic motivation are central. With the right mix of game elements at the right time, we ensure that employees really feel their responsibility for information-safe working.

Security awarness game

Start the game. Solve the puzzles. Save the day.

A social engineer is trying to take control of the company servers and cause irreversible damage! Luckily, you stepped in at the right time. 

Become the protagonist in a story set in a futuristic server room. Solve the puzzles before the time runs out to escape the server room and save your organization. 

Let the VR security awareness game introduce you to the world of cybersecurity through breathtaking visuals and an immersive storyline. An exciting experience packed with fun dialog, engaging puzzles and information security knowledge, that your employees are likely to remember for a long time.

interactive cyber security awareness game

Actions in daily work

Finish the security awareness game with a short supervised session by a security awareness specialist, to discuss the game and situations that employees recognize from their daily work. In this way, you connect the experiences from the game to actions in daily work.

Cyber VR Escape room
Ismail Tiryaki
Security Consultant

The impact is bigger, because the VR game is interactive. When I will think about this day a week from now, I'll still remember exactly what I did.

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Security awareness game

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