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As a provider of security solutions, you play a crucial role in the battle against online threats. But how do you ensure that your training offerings remain innovative and inspiring? The Infosequre partner program provides the solution! With just one step, you can provide a range of security awareness e-learning options for all your customers. Join as a partner and benefit immediately from our proven methodology.

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Informing and activating

At Infosequre, we have a clear mission. Together with our clients, we build strong security cultures in a world where most people are not fully aware of all cyber threats.

With our versatile product range, we go beyond just providing information: we activate participants to be conscious and proactive in managing digital security. We achieve this in an approachable way, with gaming elements and other engaging content. Compelling, original, and with lasting results.

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Why become a partner of Infosequre?

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Comprehensive offering

Discover more than 60 modules, ranging from 3 to 15 minutes, available in 12 languages at an everyday reading level.

Optimum customer engagement

Offers optimal relevance for existing customers and serves as a gateway to attract new ones.

Lasting results

Our modules are developed by educators, psychologists, and multimedia experts for swift and enduring behavioral change.

Gamified en interactive

Ensures long-term engagement and significant intrinsic motivation through modern gaming techniques and interactive elements.


Compelling storylines reinforce emotional connections, promoting user engagement and increasing effectiveness.

Recognizable work situations

Professional actors in identifiable work situations ensure understanding and immediate applicability.

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Partner onboarding

Ready, set, grow with us! Expand your portfolio and sign up as a partner today. We'll handle the onboarding, so you can concentrate on what really matters: your customers. With our onboarding process, you're assured of a seamless start, so your customers can quickly take advantage of our product offerings.

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