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A partnership with Infosequre is, in itself, a solution. Here's why.

Ernst Bouwman

Our partnerships are the way they’re supposed to be: mutually beneficial, based on trust and the excellence both parties bring to the table.

Infosequre has been at the forefront of interactive e-learning production for the past 20 years. Our extensive experience in international implementation has brought us recognition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for security awareness training. Twice. 

Our e-learning authoring tools and learning platform are state of the art. Our premium quality is assured by our experienced education developers, security specialists and multimedia experts. But all of this would fall flat without our passion for security awareness. What we look for in a partner is a possibility to reach even more people. To make society even more resilient and secure.

Every partnership is different. Infosequre recognizes that power lies in flexibility and diversity. Our partnership will thrive not in spite of our differences, but because of them.

It is our drive to make people the best defense in the fight against cyber threats. To see more and more organizations succeed in navigating today’s cyber landscape. To make the digital world safer.

Cyber security is more than just technology. Over 70% of security incidents are caused by human behavior, so adding the human factor to your product range will strengthen your competitive play and improve your position in your target market. Through a partnership with Infosequre you gain the ability to expand your product portfolio with first-class, completely white-label, security awareness training solutions.

Partnership Infosequre

All of our modules are designed with the end-user in mind. This is why everything is highly customizable, allowing for the ability to adjust for every organization’s specific needs. This means all our e-learning courses can be followed both in an on-premise LMS or a cloud LMS, and added to your portfolio completely white-label.

Our base e-learning modules are adaptable, and offer the possibility of adding custom modules related to your own products or issues, and they are made available in any language. Our attention to detail is extended to the translation of our modules, each made and verified by real experts in language, making no use of machine learning translations.

Our extensive library of e-learning modules based on the most in-demand security awareness topics is delivered in a consistent, clear style. Developed by our designers and multimedia experts with flexibility in mind, our styling is easily adapted to your own branding or completely converted into your own house style.


Infosequre is, first and foremost, a reliable partner. We continue to develop and provide free updates every year, marking our partnerships as qualitative, sustainable collaborations.

The quality of our products really speaks for itself. Our continued developments in the realm of security awareness e-learning training has led us down the path of research into sustained behavioral change. We pride ourselves in our interactive e-learning programs, our continuously up-to-date topics, and inclusion of gamification devices, but not least on our large network of partners within the cyber security domain. Our customers appreciate the dedicated client support they receive, a support also made available to our partners. The main question we continuously pose in our partnerships is how can we achieve more together.

Partnership Infosequre

All of our quality and experience is brought to the table in a partnership with Infosequre. With us, you make the choice for a sustainable relationship, with the flexibility to fit your current portfolio like a glove.  Let’s make society more secure. Together.

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