How to recognize and avoid phishing attacks

Phishing awareness training: knowing the signs helps you prevent phishing

Disrupted business, broken customer relations, stolen information. Phishing attacks can have a huge impact on your organization. Knowing the signs helps you prevent getting phished. In our interactive phishing awareness training 'The flip side of phishing' we get your employees engaged in the subject by training them in the fine art of phishing.

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Gamified and interactive

Phishing emails are increasingly realistic and difficult to recognize. What does a phisher actually think about when he launches an attack? In 'The flip side of phishing' we put your employees into the shoes of the phisher.

Your employees are the ones who carry out the phishing attack and make their own choices in our interactive films and exercises.

The immersive storyline takes them through all the important signs of phishing and teaches them how to react and how to prevent getting phished. All from a unique point of view. That of the phisher.


phishing awareness training

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