Baloise increases engagement with serious awareness games

Serious awareness game training to make an impact 

Serious awareness game

The Baloise Group is a financial services provider that has several branches located in Europe. Koen van Bogaert, security & digital resilience officer at the Belgian branch states, 'All branches work together on a global awareness program, but local awareness activities are organized as well.' Baloise Belgium went in search of a more playful training method, because a survey showed that employees thought the training courses were missing fun elements. That's when Baloise came across Infosequre and their serious awareness games: the security awareness escape room and security awareness VR game. Baloise added these 2 games to their awareness program as an important addition to the Baloise security days event.

Serious awareness games: why it's so effective

By having your employees step away from their daily routine, to play an exciting game together, you will transform your awareness training into an unforgettable experience. At the same time you're making an impact.

'Participants carry out assignments, answer questions and practice making the right decisions in the field of information security. They face situations based on real life' Koen says. 'They have to prevent data leaks, recognize phishing emails and expose a social engineer.'

Instead of subjecting employees to a series of multiple-choice questions, the games challenge them to think critically and make them choose the best possible strategy. 'You'll increase their knowledge, as well as participation rates and the motivation to work in a secure way' Koen says.

A common challenge, when rolling out security awareness training, is employee engagement. Whether that's due to other priorities, long and boring training sessions or unrecognizable work situations; Infosequre's serious awareness games are the way to stimulate the intrinsic motivation of employees. The games will boost the effectiveness of your program.

Serious awareness game training

Serious awareness games create impact

Serious awareness games
Koen van Bogaert
Security & digital resilience officer

Everyone was enthusiastic about the serious awareness games. They increase engagement, participation and completion rates.

More involvement and alertness

'The aim of the games was to create impact and make the training interesting for all participants. We succeeded' Koen says.

'What an experience! After the game, employees kept talking about the serious awareness games throughout the day. They discussed how they would handle situations differently if they had the chance. Not only was the game instructive, the employees also learned from each other.'

Serious awareness game training

The security awareness escape room was such a successful experience. Our branch in Switzerland will also use the escape room!

Koen van Bogaert
Security & digital resilience officer

An unforgettable experience

Baloise employees responded enthusiastically to Infosequre's security awareness games. Here are a few of their responses:

  • 'I had never been locked up in a security awareness escape room nor had I dived into a virtual world that focused solely on working securely. Because of the game, which showed the content in various ways, I now realise the importance of working securely.'
  • 'Baloise puts in a lot of effort to handle information in a conscious way. But never before in such an interactive and playful way. I realised that working securely and having fun go hand in hand.'
  • 'The VR game and security awareness escape room are useful and demonstrate clearly and in an interactive way why information security is important.'
  • 'From start to finish, we got all the help we needed to play the games. This was a great experience thanks to the professional guidance.'
  • 'The gamification elements ensure the information really stays top of mind. It also helps to stay alert in your private life.'
  • 'It was nice to try out the VR game and escape room with colleagues. It's also interesting to hear different opinions and views on how to work securely.'
  • 'Such a good program. I look forward to similiar initiatives.'
Serious awareness games
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Serious awareness games training

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