This is how you build a strong security culture top to bottom

The undeniable power of a fun experience


What do you do when you want an alternative to a traditional method?

E-learnings are the most powerful tools we use to create a strong security awareness culture. But sometimes you need a more personal, immersive touch. Our VR game offers just that. is a Rotterdam-based company that offers a fast dedicated and cloud hosting platform with tons of features.

Being in the IT sector, they’re no strangers to cyber security. So when they asked us to come give a workshop with our VR game, we were very interested! 

After a brief introduction to the game, employees are given Oculus VR glasses and step into a virtual office where they face everyday challenges from the digital world. They have to solve them to save their company from destruction.

The game consists of 3 parts: recognizing phishing emails, preventing data leaks and unmasking a social engineer, a challenge which one of the seasoned IT people of fails to the amusement of his colleagues.

Afterwards, the employees, under the guidance of a security awareness specialist, discuss the game, their security culture and how they can link new insights to daily work.

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Security cultuur
Security cultuur

“I think with that social engineer, yes I fell for it. I shouldn't have. And yes email, we've had it here before. We receive phishing mails almost every week.”

Mustafa Aslan - CEO
Security cultuur

“It was really fun and engaging.”

“I did have moments when I was very much in doubt. I had to think about it. Is this safe or not? For example with the email with the invitation that he wanted to see your calendar. That was one. And something a colleague drew on the whiteboard and left it. I also doubted that.”


“I really liked it, you never really think about things like this. So you realize at that point: hey, I need to be more alert.”

- Sevtap Kahriman

Security cultuur

I notice that it is much more interactive with the VR glasses.

"It’s also nice on the phone, but there is a piece of the field of vision missing. Here you really feel part of that world.”

“I am very positive. Because it is interactive, you learn a lot more from it. When I think about this day a week from now, I’ll still remember exactly what I did. Then I can tell you in detail what I have seen. You save the image in your long-term memory. While you save text in your short term memory. If someone has been telling me something for 3 hours, I won't remember what he said in a week.”

- Ismail Tiryaki

Security cultuur

“Nice, much more fun than if you would present it normally. Otherwise it goes in through one ear and comes out the other. It should be interactive, where you can engage with it. I like the form of a game, I just find it much more fun.”

Yavus Aydin
Senior Linux Administrator
Security cultuur

A really good moment of awareness

“I am a system administrator, I receive thousands of emails. Sometimes we receive a lot of emails, which seem really ordinary, original. Then I start to doubt myself.”

“I thought, for someone who has normal IT knowledge, it's just a really good moment of awareness.”

- Ahmet Bas

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