Security awareness training working safely from home

Working safely from home

When your employees work at home, they’re not only in charge of the coffee but also of office security. This means that it’s their responsibility to make sure they work in a safe way. From opening their laptop early in the morning to safely storing their documents at the end of the day. However, home office security is not second nature to everyone. That's why we help.

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Working safely from home

Working safely from home

In the awareness training 'Working from home - There's no place like home' your employees will follow our colleague Mina around. She has been working from home for a while and knows her security basics. Mina shows them how to safely call, hold online meetings, send files and what to do with VPN, Wi-Fi and routers.

All important topics are covered

The working from home awareness training inspires your employees to work safely from home. Within 5 minutes participants know: 

  • How to keep their information safe during online meetings.
  • How to safely put away sensitive documents at the end of the day.
  • How to protect their home network and all devices that are connected to it.
  • How to respond to accidents.



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