This is how one of the leading banks in Cyprus is arming itself against security risks

How they keep their employees on their toos


Security awareness is important in every organization. But for banks, cybersecurity is essential to protect customers' money and data. Ever since the invention of digital banking, one of the leading banks in Cyprus has been building a strong security culture. “We want to arm ourselves against the security risks that every organization faces,” explains the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the bank.

Keeping employees on their toes through eLearning

The bank has been empowering a large number of employees with Infosequre's eLearning program since 2017. The program covers all current security topics that organizations deal with on a daily basis, all processed in 30 interactive, ready-to-use modules that are available in any desired language.

"It is important that our people know how to work safely. Infosequre's eLearning programs help with that."

Sustainable behavioral change

“We do different things about cybersecurity,” says CISO. ‘We organize the technology and processes as well as possible. We must not forget the human aspect here. A security incident can already be caused by one wrong mouse click. It is important that our people know how to work safely. Infosequre's eLearning programs help with that.”

Connection to work situation

The programs are in line with the work situation and experience of the employees. They are playful, recognizable and make employees permanently aware of security risks. “We often hear from participants that the eLearning is very cool,” continues the CISO. "The fact that you as a participant are completely involved in the story makes it fascinating and that is exactly what activates."

"We often hear participants think the eLearning is very cool. The fact that you as a participant are completely involved in the story makes it fascinating and that is exactly what activates."

Continuous process 

Research shows that people forget 79% of newly acquired knowledge after one month. You can only keep a security culture strong with a continuous process of raising awareness, updating, measuring, evaluating and repeating. The security modules are constructed in such a way that employees go through this process in a natural way.

  • The baseline tests provide insights into the status of security awareness at any given time
  • The 15-20 minute introductory program is the ideal start to an awareness campaign. It makes employees aware of common risks in an accessible and fun way.
  • The in-depth modules go deeper into various security topics. Using videos and interactive content, employees learn how to work safely.
  • Microlearnings of 1 to 5 minutes refresh previously acquired knowledge in no time.

“Our users really like the new gamification techniques in the modules.” 

Real-time insights in progress

The interactive dashboard gives you real-time insights into employee results. Thanks to the measurements and reports, you know exactly where you have made progress and where there are still challenges. You can retrieve the reports anonymously on both department and organization level.

“We have chosen to repeat training sessions if the corresponding tests show lower results. We think it is important that employees achieve a positive score', says the CISO. “This reassures us, because we can't risk people unknowingly working in an unsafe way. Our people need to know how to work securely.”


The bank decided last summer to start using Infosequre's eLearning modules again for a period of 3 years. “Our employees really enjoy the new gamification techniques in the modules. We hope Infosequre develops this further, so that we can continue to activate our employees and keep cyber awareness high.”

Extra deepening for specific target groups

The bank started Infosequre's eLearning program in 2017, which covers all standard current security risks. The time has come to offer more in-depth training for specific target groups. Infosequre is currently working on a tailor-made eLearning program for the bank. These eLearning modules go even deeper into security themes that are important to the bank.

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