Avoid shadow IT

Shadow IT security awareness training

It might seem convenient to use a free file-sharing application to quickly share a file, or use a personal device to finish an important document. However, using unapproved applications and devices might lead to serious consequences for organizations. By using shadow IT, employees might, unintentionally, be giving away confidential information. In the e-learning 'Step out of the shadow' employees find out which risks can be caused by shadow IT.

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shadow IT

The risks of shadow IT

When, for any reason, the tools provided by the organization are unavailable employees naturally search for an alternative. However, these alternatives are not always such a safe choice. Business information might end up in the wrong hands. Our shadow IT e-learning makes employees more aware of the risks, and invested in keeping the organization secure.

All the important topics are covered

The shadow IT awareness training inspires your employees to work safely with approved devices and applications. Within 5 minutes participants know: 

  • What shadow IT is
  • To only use approved devices for work-related purposes
  • To stay away from unapproved third-party applications
  • How to make a risk assessment
  • How to respond to risks and report incidents


shadow IT

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