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Ransomware resilience training

Ransomware attacks are the object of every security officer’s nightmare. When that one phishingmail goes unnoticed and that one administrator account has a weak password, the price you pay is just too high. Not only in terms of money, but also the price of dealing with a siege of the entire computer network. 

With over 70% of incidents involving the human factor it's clear that employees represent a significant threat factor. But with our 'Layer by layer' ransomware training these same employees can become your best defense against ransomware attacks.  

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Ransomware training

Engage your employees with interactive ransomware training

With realistic situations, challenging assignments and exciting videos, our ransomware awareness training makes your employees aware of all ransomware warning signs:

  • Anti-virus notifications
  • Installing updates
  • Restricting access rights
  • Using strong passwords
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secure file storage
  • Phishing
  • Reporting suspicious activity

Your biggest ransomware defense is your workforce

The ransomware training inspires your employees to help minimize risks. Within 15-20 minutes they know which preventive measures they can take to protect your organization against ransomware attacks. The ransomware training is:

  • Fun and engaging: strong storyline where we take your employees on a journey to investigate, detect, and learn new skills. 
  • Easy to launch: on your own LMS or on our self-service platform.
  • Educational: we use real-life situations that your employees recognize from their daily work.


ransomware training

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