Information security e-learning

New & improved: information security e-learning

Our information security introduction program is completely renewed. We've incorporated gamification and story-based learning elements in our improved training 'Information security - In the frontline'. The experience of the user is central and interactivity between the employee and the e-learning is key. We take employees on a journey where they have to solve fun challenges and complete real-world information security tasks.

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Information security e-learning

Information security: in the front line

In the e-learning 'Information security - In the frontline' strange things happen at work. What do your employees do? Do they take action? And are they able to keep information secure? Or do they turn a blind eye?

All important topics are covered

Our e-learning inspires your employees in a fun way to protect information. All important topics are covered:

  • How do you keep information in your workplace safe?
    • Preventing unauthorized people from looking at sensitive information or taking it away
    • Printing in a safe way
    • Dealing with visitors in the office
  • How do you protect yourself against the risks of the digital world?
    • Sharing sensitive information in a safe way
    • Protecting account credentials
    • Safely using the internet while you're working in public
    • Phishing
  • What do you do in case of an incident?
E-learning information security

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