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Thanks to cell phones, laptops and other mobile devices, it is increasingly easy to work wherever and whenever we want. All information is available anytime and anywhere. This comes with advantages, but it also entails risks. Before you know it, sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands. In this renewed, interactive e-learning, employees discover how to protect the information on their devices against loss or theft.

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Help! A data breach

In the e-learning "Mobile devices - All eyes on you" we take your employees along in an exciting story. It’s their first day at a new job when it becomes clear that information about a project has been leaked. Everything is on the internet. Their task is to find out how this could have happened.

Work securely with mobile devices

In this e-learning we use gamification and storytelling techniques to get your employees invested in the topic. During the investigation, with the help of exciting assignments and interactive videos, they discover how to ensure that the information on their mobile devices remains secure. In 15-20 minutes all relevant topics are covered:

  • Downloading apps and how to protect mobile devices against their dangers
  • Keeping your software updated
  • How to protect mobile devices from the dangers of public Wi-Fi networks
  • How to keep information on mobile devices safe, even in case of theft or loss
E-learning mobile devices

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