Internet of Things training

Work securely with IoT devices

Almost everyone owns at least one device that communicates with the internet to send or receive data. Examples are webcams, smart thermostats, routers, audio receivers, video streamers, and storage devices in your network. Together these devices make up the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things lacks proper security, which makes the connected devices an interesting target . Your smart thermostat can provide access to your network, and often cybercriminals can as well. In this IoT training, employees uncover the risks that IoT devices pose.

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IoT awareness training

The risks of IoT devices

You want to prevent an employee from connecting their hacked or malware infected IoT device to the company network, because the infection can spread across company devices. This puts you at risk of malicious parties locking or stealing confidential company information. In this training, employees will learn what measures they can take to prevent this.

All key topics are covered

With the IoT awareness training, participants will learn how to work with IoT devices as securely as possible within 5 minutes. They'll learn:

  • what IoT is and what the risks of using IoT devices are.
  • how IoT devices can infect corporate equipment.
  • how to prevent IoT devices from getting infected with malware.
  • how to deal with the vulnerabilities of IoT.
IoT awareness training

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