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How to create and manage passwords securely

Passwords. We have up to 70 of them. Are all of them strong and unique? Probably not. Can your employees remember them all? Forget it. In our security awareness training 'Use of Passwords' we work with your employees on improving their passwords and making their accounts safer in a few simple steps. 

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Strong password

Create and use strong passwords

Of course you don't want confidential company data to leak. But how do you make sure that hackers cannot access your information? Weak passwords from employees could have big consequences for your company.

That's why we help your employees create and manage safe passwords.

All the important topics are covered

The awareness training 'Use of passwords - P@ssw0rd1' empowers your employees to safeguard company information. After 5 minutes they will be able to answer questions such as:

  • Which accounts do you protect firs
  • How do you make a strong password
  • What is two factor authentication?
  • How do you check if your passwords have been leaked?
  • What are the benefits of a password manager?
Strong passwords

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