General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR training: safely store, edit and protect personal data

Anyone may call organizations to account for not complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law. Not handling personal data securely can lead to fines, legal consequences or reputational damage. In our GDPR training course, we'll show your employees exactly how they should store and process personal data securely.

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GDPR training

Increase awareness with our GDPR training

Our GDPR training will teach your employees all the GDPR rules. After completing this training course, your employees will know exactly:

  • what the basic rules of the GDPR are.
  • why proper protection of personal data is important.
  • what they should do to protect personal data.
  • what the rights of the data subjects are.

Your biggest defense is your workforce

The GDPR training helps your employees to minimize risks. Within 15-20 minutes they'll know which preventive measures they should take to protect personal data. The GDPR training is:

  • GDPR-proof: we'll show you what organizational and technical measures to take in order to comply with the GDPR rules.
  • Easy to launch: launch it on your own LMS or on our self-service platform.
  • Recognizable: we use real-life situations that your employees recognize from their daily work.


GDPR training

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