Privacy awareness
Privacy awareness training

Data protection & privacy awareness

You want to keep your organization free of data leaks. The last thing you want, is a fine. Do your employees know how to handle data safely? And what to do if all goes wrong and they cause a data breach? Our privacy awareness training inspires your employees to handle sensitive data safely.

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All the important privacy topics are covered

We all encounter sensitive data in our work. In 'Under lock and key' your employees find out in a short 5 minutes: 

  • What sensitive data is
  • How to store sensitive data
  • How to share data safely
  • What to do in case of a data breach

We help you create a data privacy culture

We empower your employees to handle sensitive data safely. And we help you prevent data breaches that could cause financial and reputational damage. Comply with the GDPR by spreading more awareness.



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