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Social engineering

Not all hackers are stuck behind a screen in an attic room trying to sneak into your computer by sending phishing mails. They can also send text messages, call you, eavesdrop and look over your shoulder while you’re working in a public place. In some cases they even attempt to enter your office building. In our renewed social engineering e-learning 'The social dilemma' participants learn how to recognize a social engineer.

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Know who you're dealing with

Social engineers are extremely good at manipulating people. They extract information and can cause a lot of damage. Everyone in an organization can encounter a social engineer without realizing it. Knowing the signs helps you prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

On its own or as a complete package

The social engineering module can be completed as an independent e-learning but it can easily be combined with other services such as phishing simulations and mystery guest visits.

In merely 15 - 20 minutes you’ll learn all about:

  • What techniques social engineers use. Think of phishing, vishing, shoulder surfing, dumpster diving, baiting and physically entering office buildings to steal information or damage property.
  • How an act of social engineering can unfold.
  • What the goals of social engineers are and what types of damage they can cause.
  • How to prevent damage and how you can respond during suspicious situations.


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