Security awareness in healthcare should above all be short, recognizable and interactive

The Anna Zorggroep challenge and its solution


Information security is important to Anna Zorggroep. Healthcare workers deal with personal data a lot and they handle it carefully. "But at the same time, they are still people, and people do not always follow the rules," says Henri de Wit, chief information security officer at Anna Zorggroep.

“In addition, employees sometimes lose track of what is allowed and what is not.” This is despite the fact that clarity about information security rules is so important in healthcare. A supporting product about information security was therefore necessary, according to Henri.

A strong security culture starts with the awareness of your employees, but it was more difficult than expected to find an e-learning provider that also focuses on healthcare, Henri says. “Infosequre has those products. It has given us the opportunity to see what is available. What Infosequre offers in terms of security awareness training courses matches our ideas and expectations.”

Short and interactive modules can create change

“Healthcare workers are generally doers, they are not people who want to read a lot of text,” Henri explains. “That means that interactivity must be a big part of the online modules, such as working with examples and videos. That is what we have found in the products that Infosequre supplies.” So far, the employees of Anna Zorggroep have been positive about the interactive programs. In addition, the duration of the training courses is appreciated: “A big plus of Infosequre is their short modules. Our employees love that they are not like modules offered by other companies, where you spend 2 or 3 hours going through course material. That can be very demotivating.”

Support during implementation

Despite the positive reactions, Henri says that he still has trouble reaching all 2500 employees. “We see a big difference between people who apparently find it important and who therefore complete the modules very quickly and respond positively to them. The challenge, of course, lies much more with the group that does not complete them. And that is why we are now also looking at how we can engage those people. To achieve this, we will have open conversations and give people a helping hand.” Henri feels confident about this, partly because Anna Zorggroep will do this together with Infosequre: “At Infosequre they have experience with similar situations, so we use that experience to see how we can best approach this. Then we don't have to reinvent it.”

“Especially for healthcare workers, interactivity is important. That is what we have found in the products that Infosequre supplies."

Open conversations

"In such situations, Henri notices that there is always room for discussion at Infosequre. "For example, during our first contact with Infosequre, we also developed a module together. We did this based on good and open conversations, and that gave us a good feeling."


Program with customization

In addition to interactivity and short modules, Anna Zorggroep was also looking for familiarity in the security awareness program. Adding realistic situations for the employees required extra customization, “but Infosequre wants to think along about this”, Henri says. “Infosequre has been thinking along with us from the start about how they can facilitate us. We wanted the modules to be immediately recognizable for the employees. Well, Infosequre succeeded and implemented the modules within the agreed time without any problems.”

henri de wit vierkanr
Henri de Wit
Chief information security officer

“Infosequre has been thinking along with us from the start about how they can facilitate us. 

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Security Awareness eLearning

Security awareness eLearning brings your employees along in the process of awareness one step at a time.

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