This is how you make people aware of cybersecurity risks in a fun way

January the 28th is Europe’s yearly Data Protection Day. Organizations all over Europe are encouraged to improve their protection of personal data. In light of this, the municipality of The Hague decided to host a special privacy event for all of their employees. "We decided to arrange several workshops about information security and we chose Infosequre’s VR experience truck to make employees conscious of cybersecurity risks. It was a big hit," commented Nils Hoole, policy advisor at the municipality of The Hague.

Easily forgotten but critically important 

As a policy advisor digital identity Nils Hoole occasionally comes across colleagues who could use a hand when it comes to awareness around cybersecurity. "During the one and a half years I’ve worked at the municipality I’ve noticed that tips about locking your screen, not allowing people without a badge inside of the building and making sure that sensitive information is securely put away, are absolutely vital."

Nils mentions that most people are not consciously aware of information security. "You only spot the problems when things have taken a turn for the worse. As an organization you really want to prevent an incident before it happens."

“The VR experience truck was a big hit. The gaming elements and the competitive edge make it very appealing and effective.”

VR experience truck: a positive response

The municipality was able to make a great start with creating awareness during the event. "We were trying to reach colleagues who are not very familiar with cybersecurity, but who work daily with personal data," says Nils. "It’s very important for them to realize how they should deal with these details."

The VR experience truck makes an impression amongst the colleagues and triggers a response. "People have a lot of energy when they finish the game," Nils explains. "It fuels a sense of rivalry. It’s great to see that you can focus on a serious topic such as information security in a very fun manner."




Preventing cybersecurity risks

All of the participants receive a pair of VR-glasses when they enter the truck. They step into a virtual office. The environment will provide them with everyday challenges from the digital world.

Divided in 2 groups of 7 players they battle the other participants to prevent the most cyber risks. The team that discovers the risks first wins the game. Nils mentions: "The battle was divided up into 3 parts: recognizing phishing emails, preventing data breaches and exposing a social engineer."

‘The VR experience truck is a great and accessible way of making people conscious of cyber risks," said Nils. "The gaming elements and the competitive edge make it very appealing and effective. And the session that occurs after the game, led by a security awareness specialist, connects the challenges to the daily practice of our team."

Refreshing your memory

The VR experience truck is also a great reminder for people who are already aware of cyber danger. "Actively engaging with the topic makes it ever more likely that you’ll be more alert when you encounter your next phishing email," comments Nils. "It makes sense to reiterate what you’ve learnt in the past at a later time. The power of repetition." 

Nils expresses: "The more people know about the dangers of cybercriminals, the better. The truck gives you the opportunity to arm yourself. It’s a real eye opener." 

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VR experience truck

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