Voorkom ransomware
Anti-ransomware kit

Prevent damage and downtime from ransomware

To protect yourself against a ransomware attack, you need to have everything in order and train your employees to recognize and prevent an attack. Prepare your organization for ransomware with the all-in-1 anti-ransomware kit.

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Anti ransomware

Provides insight into risks and resolves them

The anti-ransomware kit makes it clear whether your organization has taken the necessary measures to prevent ransomware. You gain insight into the most important risks and we solve them immediately.

Anti ransomware program

Focuses on smart technology and safe behavior

Most anti-ransomware programs mainly focus on technical solutions. The human side often remains unfairly underexposed. The anti-ransomware kit tackles both technical weaknesses and vulnerabilities in human behavior.

Prevent ransomware

Increases awareness among employees

Usually a ransomware infection starts with a phishing email. One click on the wrong link can bring your organization to a standstill. With the behavioral program of the anti-ransomware kit, you train employees in recognizing and preventing a ransomware attack.

The anti-ransomware kit consists of:

Technical scan

With the technical scan you tackle technical vulnerabilities.

Behavioral program

A ransomware attack often starts with the human factor. Are your employees prepared?

Anti ransomware kit
Stop the threat

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Anti ransomware program

Prevent downtime and loss of business data

A ransomware infection can seriously damage your organization. Protect yourself with the anti-ransomware kit.

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